Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes: 10 Best Jack Skellington

Nightmare Before Christmas: One of our favorite things about The Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes is that it’s suitable for multiple occasions.

Jack Skellington might have the appearance of a scary character, but in reality, The Nightmare Before Christmas lead is just an incredibly loveable and caring individual.

He carries this stop-motion film and he does so with style, purpose, and plenty of energy.

here are some ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Merry Christmas Quotes or Most Memorable Quotes from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Regardless of whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or a random Tuesday, there’s bound to be a quote suitable to whip out during a holiday party (or over lunch) to impress your friends.

Since the film is filled to the brim with one-liners, we reached out to you, the fans, to find out which Nightmare Before Christmas quotes are the cream of the crop.

Jack asks plenty of questions and has a lot of thoughtful comments and that leads to him creating some amazing quotes.

Nightmare Before Christmas quotes

That’s Not My Christmas! My Christmas Is Filled With Laughter, And Joy.


The main theme throughout the entire movie is Jack Skellington trying to learn as much about Christmas as possible. He wants to become Santa Claus and he does everything in his power to make that a reality. While he never fully gets to grips with what the festive period is all about, this quote clearly shows that Jack at least understands the basics and core principles that the time of year provides.

What Have I Done? What Have I Done? How Could I Be So Blind? All Is Lost. Where Was I? Spoiled All! Spoiled All!


Jack Skellington might try to look that part when he takes to the sky on Christmas Eve, but it’s fair to say his execution of being Santa Claus isn’t quite right.

When he is taken down from the sky, Jack reflects on his mistakes in a frank and honest manner, admitting he has ruined things.

It’s quotes like this that make Jack so relatable because he’s able to reflect so honestly.

He doesn’t pretend everything is fine and he’s very open emotionally, which makes him very layered.

Consider This A Vacation, Santy. A Reward. It’s Your Turn To Take It Easy.


When most characters talk to Santa Claus within a movie, they normally do so with respect and love, and while Jack does come from that place here, he does so with some sass, which makes it a really funny moment.

There are Children Throwing Snowballs, Instead Of Throwing Heads, They’re Busy Building Toys And Absolutely No One’s Dead.


When Jack Skellington finds his way into the world of Christmas and all the festivities that come along with that, it leads Jack into song as he questions everything around him.

This quote is a brilliant one and showcases exactly how his thought process works, thinking about the horrible things he normally expects to see in comparison to the kindness he is dealing with.

And I, Jack, The Pump-Kin King, Have Grown So Tired Of The Same Old Thing.


He knows he wants something else and this is what sets up the entire plot of the film.

While he doesn’t initially know he wants to be Santa at this moment, it starts the cogs turning which is why this is such an important quote.

No, Zero. Down, Boy… My, What A Brilliant Nose You Have. The Better To Light My Way!


One thing that everyone knows about Santa Claus is that he needs somebody to guide his sleigh. That responsibility normally falls to Rudolph, but in The Nightmare Before Christmas, that isn’t the case.

Alternatively, it is the loyal Zero who steps into the limelight, and Jack makes sure he lets his dog know what an important role it is.

Zero is mainly just used as a supporting role up until this point, being by Jack’s side and providing comfort for him. But at this moment, he gets to be the star and that is why it’s such a big point in the film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes

Now Don’t Be Modest. Who Else Is Clever Enough To Make My Sandy Claws Outfit?


While Sally is desperately trying to tell Jack Skellington that she believes something will go wrong, he takes their conversation in a different manner as he pushes Sally to make his costume.

Even though Jack is too wrapped up in his own ideas and thoughts to listen to Sally, it does create a really nice moment here.

Sally is someone who is low on confidence because of how she gets treated, and this quote showcases that Jack really does believe in her.

Forgive Me, Mr. Claus. I’m Afraid I’ve Made A Terrible Mess Of Your Holiday.


He might get it all wrong, but at least he is good enough to own up to that mistake. That’s why he’s such a popular character and doesn’t become a villain of his own tale.

And Sit Together, Now And Forever. For It Is Plain, As Anyone Can See. We’re Simply Meant To Be.


While Jack Skellington is a man on a mission throughout this film, that doesn’t mean that he cannot see what’s right in front of him.

Sally is always there for him and clearly has feelings for Jack, and when they finally open up and admit what they are thinking it really is a warm and emotional moment in what is a cold and spooky film.

Hearing Jack shows his romantic side is something unexpected but leads to a great moment.

What’s This? What’s This? There’s Color Everywhere! What’s This? There are White Things In The Air! What’s This?


When it comes to Jack Skellington, there is no doubt that this is his most iconic quote.

This is the big number from the movie and it is the song that really showcases Jack’s inquisitive mind.

This is the moment in the film where he becomes attached to Christmas, and his constant repetition of “What’s This?” just serves to highlight his complete shock and awe at everything.